Transponder repair - AMBrc DP and Mylaps RC4

AMBrc DP personal transponder Mylaps RC4 transponder

$35AUD (about $27USD) each for wire and plug replacement service

The wire can get broken were it enters the transponder body, this is not user replaceable.
Case replacement is no longer available.
So do not break the case if you attempt to replace the lead yourself.

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Sending transponder for repairs

Contact us and advise the type & quantity of transponders you intend to send for repair and from which country


online contact form

Download the repair form and send it with transponders for repair.

Download transponder repair form

Freight to Transponder Services

Australian clients can use Australia Post
Pack transponder so that it is less than 2cm thick and postage will only cost $2 (large letter)
DO NOT USE standard paper envelope as it will tear open in transit and transponder will be lost..

USA clients can use USPS or courier of your choice.
Cost via USPS starts at $7USD for single transponder in padded bag.
Delivery from USA to Australia via standard air mail takes approx. 14 days.
DO NOT USE paper envelope as it will tear open in transit.

All other countries please use postal or courier service of your choice.
Delivery from UK, Europe can take 14 days.
Delivery from Asia can take 6-14 days.

Testing & service


  • Test reading of TX number by timing system (decoder hit)
  • Test signal strength
  • Transponder will still look great after repair
  • Transponder is re-sealed to AMB Mylaps specifications

No fix, no pay policy

In the rare instance the transponder is not repairable or does not pass testing, you are not charged for the attempted repair.

Further info

Personal transponders have become very popular with remote control model car racers over recent years because of convenience and prices becoming more affordable. They will usually work forever and are internally very robust. The only real weakness is the power lead which plugs into the radio receiver. The original AMBrc DP power lead was more susceptible to becoming brittle and breaking off at the body of the transponder. Mylaps addressed this weakness with the introduction of the Mylaps RC4 transponder by using a more resilient type of wire coating. However this wire will still break due to accidental impact or mishandling. So be careful with them and to save extra handling which puts wear on the lead, many racers opt to install a transponder in each car. We recommend you do not attempt to replace the lead yourself as most amateur attempts end up killing the transponder. Transponder services stock and sell Mylaps RC4 hybrid transponders with 2 wires and the later RC4 pure transponder with 3 wires.