AMB transponder repair - Activ

AMB Activ transponder

$55AUD each for transponder battery replacement

5 or more receive $4AUD discount off each battery replacement

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Sending transponder for repairs

Contact us and advise the type & quantity of transponders you intend to send for repair and from which country


online contact form

Download the repair form and send it with transponders for repair.

Download transponder repair form

Freight to Transponder Services

USA clients can use USPS or courier of your choice.
Cost via USPS starts at $14USD for single transponder in padded bag.
For more than one transponder a USPS Small Flate Rate Box is great value.
USPS Small Flate Rate Box

Delivery from USA to Australia via standard air mail takes approx. 10-14 days.
DO NOT USE paper envelope as it will tear open in transit.

DHL express

In the USA and need to send by faster freight?
We can have your transponder picked up from your door via our DHL account or you can drop off at DHL from only $38US. (16 ounces/500grams)
Just ask and we will arrange it or if you provide us with your address we can supply a quote.
In most cases our DHL service is cheaper and faster than USPS express service.

Australian clients can use Australia Post or courier of your choice.
We recommend Australia Post 500g Yellow Express bag or Registered Mail.
DO NOT USE paper envelope as it will tear open in transit.

All other countries please use postal or courier service of your choice.
Delivery from UK, Europe can take 14 days.
Delivery from Asia can take 6-14 days.

Battery failure

Dead transponder battery

This is indicated by the transponder not registering on the timing system.
Activ transponders have an internal long life battery that wears out after 5 - 10 years.

Testing & service


  • We do not have the facilities to test reading of Activ transponder by timing system (decoder hit)
  • Test signal strength
  • Transponder will still look great after repair
  • Transponder is re-sealed to AMB Mylaps specifications

No fix, no pay policy

In the rare instance the transponder is not repairable or does not pass testing, you are not charged for the attempted repair.



One year no hassle world wide warranty.
Quality Swiss batteries, so warranty claims are extremely rare.
If a battery does fail within warranty the battery will be replaced for free

Further info

This transponder is a special type intended for use in Blokart, BMX, cycling and runner racing. It does not require charging. The power comes from an internal long life battery that can last 5 years or more. When the transponder battery wears out the transponder obviously stops working. We can expertly fit a very fresh battery which will ensure the transponder will work for the maximum time before requiring the battery to be replaced again. The transponder is resealed to AMB Mylaps specifications ensuring it is fully weather proof. We offer a money back guarantee on these repairs. The AMB Active timing system has been out of production for many years now but still popular.