Westhold transponder battery replacement

Westhold transponder

Westhold transponder batteries can usually be replaced by the user, but you do so at your own risk.

If you have many Westhold transponders that require battery replacement or do not wish to tackle the job yourself, we can do them for you at a competitive price using high quality batteries. Send us a photo of the battery and quantity to be done and we will supply a quote.

To do it yourself remove screws and lid, then carefully lift out the circuit board and you find the battery behind.

We recommend unplugging the battery and check the voltage with a DC voltmeter. If the voltage matches what is printed on the battery (e.g. 3.6v) then the battery is OK. If voltage is lower then it needs to be replaced. Source another battery of the same type or equivalent that has solder tags attached to the battery. Un-solder the wires from the old battery and solder onto the new battery, then plug battery back into circuit board and re-assemble the transponder.

Note that some Westhold transponders have a NON-RECHARGEABLE battery and some have a RECHARGABLE battery. Ensure you source the correct type. Never attempt to solder wires directly to a battery without solder tags.

WARNING: Using the wrong type of Lithium battery could cause explosion or fire.

Sending transponder for repairs

Please contact us first so that we know to expect your shipment.


online contact form

Download the repair form and send it with transponders for repair.
Only send transponder, we do not need your charger.

Download transponder repair form

Freight to Transponder Services

USA clients can use USPS or courier of your choice or send on our DHL account.
Cost via USPS starts at $12.95USD for single transponder in padded bag.
For more than one transponder a USPS Small Flate Rate Box is great value.
USPS Small Flate Rate Box

Delivery from USA to Australia via standard air mail takes approx. 14 days.
DO NOT USE paper envelope as it will tear open in transit.

DHL express

In the USA and need to send by faster freight?
We can have your transponder picked up from your door via our DHL account or you can drop off at DHL from only $25US.
Just ask and we will arrange it or if you provide us with your address we can supply a quote.
In most cases our DHL service is cheaper and faster than USPS express service.

Australian clients can use Australia Post or courier of your choice.
We recommend Australia Post 500g Yellow Express bag or Registered Mail.
DO NOT USE paper envelope as it will tear open in transit.

All other countries please use postal or courier service of your choice.
Delivery from UK, Europe can take 14 days.
Delivery from Asia can take 6-14 days.


No fix, no pay policy

In the rare instance the transponder is not repairable or does not pass testing, you are not charged for the attempted repair.



One year no hassle world wide warranty.
Quality Japanese batteries, so warranty claims are extremely rare.
If a battery does fail within warranty the battery will be replaced for free.