We do not sell transponders

Below you will find information about the models available starting with the latest and then going through the to the oldest version. All are still valid to be used at all AKA tracks.

Mylaps X2 kart transponder

Mylaps X2 transponder

Available new directly from Mylaps Australia.

The X2 can be purchased with a 1,2,or 5 year subscription. Ensure you buy the transponder with subscription. DO NOT make the mistake of just buying a subscription renewal.

The X2 can be purchased as just the RECHARGABLE model or pay extra to get the DIRECT POWER (DP) model. I personally recommend to stick with the RECHARGABLE model as it is simpler and easier to use. The DP model requires more wires and stuff on your kart to be connected to a power source provided by your kart.

The X2 has a lifetime warranty and is powered by an internal Li-ion battery and can be charged via virtually any USB port or power pack such as used to charge your phone using the USB cable provided in the kit.

You can allow the subscription to lapse if you discontinue racing and at a later time reactivate by resubscribing online. If choose to not renew or allow the subsription to lapse you are not required to return the hardware, you keep it.

When you receive the X2 it will be NOT activated and cannot be used yet.
IMPORTANT to activate...

  1. Create or log into a free account at www.mylaps.com
  2. Register the transponder
  3. From within your account download and install the free Mylaps Connect software
  4. Run the connect software and connect the X2 transponder to the computer via USB cable and Racekey.
  5. The Connect software will do a 3 step check to complete activation of the transponder
  6. Within a minute the centre light on the Rackey will change from red to green which indicates the X2 transponder is activated and ready to use. All that is left to do is charge it which will take up to 4 hours to complete.

Older kart transponders that are still OK to use

Mylaps Classic Kart transponder

Mylaps AMB Classic Kart Transponder

Identified by a black base & label - owned outright, no subscription required.
Australian Karting Association approved, recommended by Transponder Services.

This model was discontinued by Mylaps July 2015 and only available 2nd hand.
A fair price for 2nd hand would be around $200-$300AUD depending on age and condition.
These are a reliable transponder but may require a new battery fitted to get it working like new again. See our battery replacement service

Mylaps Flex Kart transponder

Mylaps Flex Kart Transponder

Identified by a white base & label and charges via a USB cable.
It is subscription based.
Australian Karting Association approved
We strongly recommend not buying this FLEX type transponder now because they have been superceeded by the X2.
Definately DO NOT buy a USED FLEX transponder.

Requires downloading Subscription Management Software and paying an on going fee every 1,2 or 5 years. Has no resale value without an active subscription.
Cannot be serviced by Transponder Services.

AMB go kart transponder TranX2 160

Classic AMB TranX2 160 Kart Transponder

Identified by 4 screws in the front - owned outright, no subscription required.
Australian Karting Association approved
It is the predecessor to the Classic Mylaps Kart Transponder and works the same.
No longer available as a new item but can be found 2nd hand.
These are a reliable transponder but may require a new battery fitted to get it working like new again.
See our battery replacement service

Tips for transponder care

All rechargeable racing transponder of this type should be fully charged and allowed to run down at least once per month. This will extend the life of the battery. Do not over-charge. Once the charging light has changed from flashing red to solid green it should be removed from charging to avoid over-charging.

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